The Head Gifters

Judy and Samantha Barsky, are a mother & daughter team. They intertwined their healthy mix of skills and equally enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirits to create this business. Their emphasis is on providing quality service; combining a range of aesthetic - from fun to sophisticated; and putting unique, local products into the hands (and mouths!) of your guests. 

Samantha Barsky
Samantha's expertise branches out from a 10+ year career in advertising, photography, and graphic design. gift•ify allows her to combine her career experience with her passion for the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle, including her love of discovering local, artisanal products. Her success with her stationery line, note•ify, proves her success of being able to utilize her creative background, business management and marketing skills.

Judy Barsky
After a first career as an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, she shifted from 'birthing babies' to 'birthing homes'. Judy still offers her interior design service, on a limited basis. She finds this new challenge of providing a service of gifting products in 'take home' totes utilizes her decades of garnered skills from her previous two careers.